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5 ENCL manual (233P-1. Pumptec Plus protege contra una variedad de condiciones de falla. Do not pump hazardous materials (flammable, caustic, etc. Ca 92407 Handling Fee: . Pumptec-Plus is the most sophisticated pump protection system on market today. 100% OEM Parts for Every Commercial Kitchen. This item: FRANKLIN ELECTRIC Pumptec-Plus water pump protection system/2 HP to 5 HP 230 Volts. The QD Pumptec continuously monitors power line voltages.

If a pump has lost the lubricating grease in the plunger slot from lack of preventative maintenance, water splashing the pump or dirty environment, the pump can become loud and should be serviced immediately. características. A FLASHING YELLOW LIGHT indicates an overload condition occurred. Franklin Electric&39;s Pumptec family provides the high performance pump protection you need deep down in the well.

9. Owner’s Manual Pumptec is a microcomputer based pump protection device that continuously monitors motor load and power line conditions to provide protection against dry well conditions, waterlogged tanks, and abnormal line voltage conditions Indicator lights provide complete system status, which can be easily viewed without removing the cover. This should take approximately 10 seconds. Page 1 PUMPTEC Owner’s Manual. If the PumpSaver®Plus encounters rapid cycle 4 times without a successful restart, it will lock-out and require a manual reset.

Hand & Manual Pumps; Sewage, Sump & Effluent; Gas Powered Pumps; Pipe Cements, Primers, Cleaners & Lubricants. For installations up to 5 hp. This recall involves the Pumptec electronic motor controller for 115v/230v submersible motors rated 1/3 to 1½ HP Model No. To reduce risk of electric shock, always.

What is Franklin Electric pumptec? If set in the manual position, Pumptec-Plus must be reset manually by pushing the RESET BUTTON (D). One thing you may try is a calibration on the unit. The power line voltage and motor power draw are continuously measured. Pumptec Plus manual: Release the reset button. This means that the pump system power draw was greater than the normal operating power (calibration) by more than 25% for more than 2.

Also specialising in Water Pump. What is a franklin electric 1 ph pumptec plus? El botón de calibración Snap ShotTM permite instalar fácilmente el Pumptec Plus, además es una herramienta efectiva para la detección de problemas. A SOLID RED LIGHT indicates an under voltage condition (line< 207 VAC) existed for more than 2.

Las luces indicadoras de arranque y de fallas en la cubierta le dan un diagnóstico fácil y rápido. The Franklin Electric Pumptec-Plus Motor Protection 1/2 - 5 HP (230V 2/3-Wire 1Phas been discontinued. with date codes of 06F45 through 09L45. Pump Head Pumptec 207V Gold 4-Port 60065. A noisy pump can be the result of several sources including plunger wear, inlet plumbing and incorrect repair.

It is designed to work on any 230 VAC single phase induction motor (PSC, CSCR, CSIR and split phase) ranging in size from 0. ), unless the pump is specifically designed and designated to handle them. The Franklin Electric Pumptec-Plus Motor Protection 1/2 - 5 HP (230V 2/3-Wire 1P) (Scratch & DentSD has been discontinued.

Franklin Pumptec QD. 7 out of 5 stars 5. indicated by underload in the Pumptec Fault History. Pumptec Limited was formed in 1999 to provide routine and responsive maintenance services to owners and operators pumptec plus manual of wastewater pumping stations.

Pumptec-Plus protects against a variety of fault conditions. Current Too High The QD Pumptec continuously monitors motor current. An underload (dry well) adjustment is provided to address unusual situations. manufacturer of high-pressure pumps, including plunger pumps, misting pumps, and other electric pumps for OEMs in multiple industries. Pumptec, a US company, builds durable, high-quality pumps. Run and fault lights on the cover make diagnosis quick and easy.

The Pumptec-Plus solid state pump protection system is designed for 1/2 to 5 hp single-phase submersible pump motors. Pumptec-Plus measures the actual motor power (watts). Ships from and sold by Vertikal Supply. 5 with NEMA 3R enclosure), protects 230V, 2 or 3-wire, 1/3 to 1.

To reset the PumpSaver®Plus, remove and re-apply power. If set in the manual position, Pumptec-Plus must be reset manually by pushing the RESET BUTTON (D). For Pumptec-Plus solid state pump protection system is designed for 1/2 to 5 hp single-phase submersible pump motors. FRANKLIN ELECTRIC Pumptec-Plus water pump protection system/2 HP to 5 HP 230 Volts Single Phase. JABSCO Pumps & Parts - Pumptec Pty Ltd:Home Catalogue Impellers Contact us Importer of JABSCO pumps and spare parts. Under normal operating conditions, Pumptec- Plus requires no special attention.

Red Light The red light (C) indicates a line pumptec plus manual voltage fault occurred and Pumptec-Plus has turned off the pump motor. Designed to monitor motor load and supply voltage and to shut down the pump to prevent damage, Pumptec family products protect you water system investment. If the power line voltage exceeds 253 V or goes below 207 V, the QD Pumptec will shut off the motor for two minutes. The model number and date code can be found on the nameplate label located on the right-hand side of the enclosure. Heritage Parts is a trusted distributor of Pumptec replacement parts. Page 2 Pumptec is optimized to work with Franklin 2- and 3-wire single-phase motors from 1/3 to 1. · The Pumptec had tripped again so I connected the meter to wait for a reset: When the reset kicks in and the red tripped light goes out leaving the green light on, the current draw jumps up to approximately 26 amps. With same day shipping, real time inventory, and always 100% Genuine OEM parts, Heritage is your one stop destination pumptec plus manual for commercial kitchen replacement parts.

If the restart is successful (the pump runs for more than one minute), the rapid cycle counter will reset to zero. View Pumptec Products: html In this video, Jeremy goes over the highlights of the motor protection devices Franklin El. 5 hp pumps PUMPTEC-PLUS manual, protects 230V, 2 or 3-wire, 1/2 to 5 hp pumps J – Survivor 5 GPM. Shop Sprayer Depot for all your spraying equipment, parts & accessories needs. If a fault condition is detected, an indication is given by a light on the front panel and the motor is disconnected from the power line. Page 10 PUMPTEC-PLUS Pump Protection System C. · The solid yellow on a Pumptec Plus is an underload indicating a possible dry well.

Franklin Pumptec Plus (used for well run dry protection) Phase: Single-Phase 1/2HP to 5HP Volts: 230 HZ: 60. Mounting: Externally Mounted In Series Usually Between The Power Supply and The Pump Pressure Switch. If In Question Seek An Electrial Expert. Check out Expert&39;s recommended alternatives for another top. Franklin Motor Protection Device Pumptec Plus 1/2-5. PumpSaver®Plus will wait 30 minutes and restart. Sprayer Depot is a leading supplier of Pumptec pumps, offering numerous models for agriculture, lawn & landscaping, and pest control industries. Press and hold in the reset button on the bottom of the Pumptec-Plus enclosure until the green, yellow, and red lights blink alternately.

Run and fault lights make diagnosis quick and easy. A solid yellow light with a slight flicker indicates an underload caused by a rapid decrease in load (approximately 25% over a twenty second period). (If you have a Pumptec remote control, this will be indicated by underload* in the Pumptec Fault History). Buy it Here: Push button Snap Shot calibration makes it simple to install and an effective troubleshooting tool. Push button Snap Shot™ calibration makes Pumptec-Plus simple to install and an effective.

Pumptec-Plus will not run the pump system again until the RESET BUTTON (D) is pressed. How do you reset a pumptec plus? Call us at. Pumptec Operating Instructions and Parts Manual PPIMPoRtant : For pumping liquids other than water, contact your supplier.

The standard Pumptec has a sensitivity adjustment that you may try to set a bit lower. What is pumptec plus? 00 per package We only ship within the United States. Franklin Electric 1 PH Pumptec Plus. If after two minutes, the line voltage becomes normal, the QD Pumptec will restart the motor. Shop Online and Parts Ship Today! Chris shows you how to adjust and calibrate the Franklin Electric QD Pumptec Motor Protection Device. Steps B and C must be completed within three.

Exclusively designed for Franklin QD Relay Control Boxes, QD Pumptec is a solid state sensing device that monitors motor load and incoming power to automatically shut off a Franklin single-phase, 3-wire motor when related fault conditions are detected. Since then the Company has expanded its comprehensive range of pumping station service contracts to include oil and petrol interceptors plus remote monitoring. You might have had a slight voltage change on that branch circuit and the unit may need recalibrating. PumpSaver Plus: Model 233P-1. You will hear the Pumptec-Plus contactor engage and the motor should start. used pumptec-pluspump hp range 1/2-5 USED PUMPTEC-PLUSHP RANGE 1/2-5 Comes As Shown in Picture S SHIPPING INFORMATION: Shipping Weight: 6 LBS Shipping from San Bernardino.

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